Tiara Gram for Survivors of Trafficking

The Bible instructs us to“encourage one another daily…” (Hebrews 13:3). In so doing, we build others up and strengthen their faith—just as happens with us when we are the recipients. At Crowns of Hope we have been sending tiaras with encouraging notes to survivtiara Gramors. We know that just one sincerely spoken word of encouragement can make a huge difference in a survivors recovery.

We have been blessed by the response from these ladies and we want to let you in on it too! If you are not sure you can offer encouragement read the lists below of why you should be encouraging to others and see if you agree. (Send a Tiara Gram Today)

  1. Failing to do so results in discouragement.
  2. It puts you in a position to administer love.
  3. It helps to create a spiritual family.
  4. The recipient will receive spiritual strength.
  5. This is what God wants us to do.

Can you encourage her? She needs her brothers and sisters right now. For $20 you can send a tiara gram with a personal encouraging message from you! She will receive a real beautiful tiara similar to the one in the picture shown and a message that she is a daughter of the King. Your message will be hand written on the card and it will be shipped directly to her. In return you will receive a picture of the tiara sent. You will also be blessed knowing that you have helped a young lady get through some very tough days. The tiara is the whole reason why this organization, Crowns of Hope, began in the first place. God used it to give a survivor HOPE to continue allowing Him to heal her. He told her everyday she wore it or looked at it that SHE is a daughter of His! Send your tiara gram today! And don’t forget to write a note of encouragement.

Tiara Bible Verse




(Tiaras vary in size and color)

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