About Us

Crowns of Hope Mission Statement

Crowns of Hope Texas are a nonprofit agency providing education, counseling, and mentoring through a community alliance for restoration and education for survivors of human trafficking in Austin, Texas. We are a survivor led organization. When you support Crowns of Hope you are supporting the restoration of survivors that we touch.

Crowns of Hope Executive Director and Board are made up of volunteers who are actively committed activists against sex trafficking. These board members are all qualified in their various full-time careers. They bring substantial leadership to Crowns of Hope through their years of experience in their work and life.

Toni McKinley Executive Director

Toni McKinley
Executive Director

Toni founded Crowns of Hope in 2011 when she noticed a gap in affordable care for survivors of sex trafficking. She took action by developing relationships with experienced qualified therapist in the community and connecting survivors to them for mental health services. Through her relationship with counselors along with her commitment to see others healed she pursued and completed a masters degree in professional counseling and is practicing in Austin, Texas. Toni also teaches and speaks locally and around the nation about how her personal life has been affected by trafficking as well as awareness so others can be educated on what to look for and how to stop it in their communities. For more information contact Toni at toni@crownsofhopetexas.org or follow her page HERE.

Diane Marques Board Member

Diane Marques

Diane at an early age became interested in creating healthy families. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies and soon after came to Austin to complete her Master’s in Multicultural Special Education. Her passion for helping families continued to grow and she now helps place children who have been removed from their home due to abuse and/or neglect. She believes that everyone deserves a safe and healthy environment in order to reach their fullest potential. Contact Diane at Diane@crownsofhopetexas.org

Dee Dee Olsen Treasurer

Dee Dee Olsen


Dee Dee comes to us with excellent experience in administration and record keeping skills. She has a passion for and volunteers in a prison ministry working with women who are incarcerated. Dee Dee has a servants heart and we are excited to have her help serving the ladies we help who are trafficked here in our city.   Contact Dee Dee at DeeDee@crownsofhopetexas.org




Jennifer Lee


Jennifer Lee has a heart and passion for survivors of trafficking and abuse. After hearing about this organization she volunteered right away to help in anyway she can. Her dedication and leadership has helped us become who we are today. Jennifer came to us near the beginning of our creation. She helped manage our fundraisers and volunteers who support us. Currently, she is studying our educational curriculum to help bring more awareness to our community in order to prevent more from being a victim to human trafficking.


Jill Martin Chairwoman

Jill Martin

Married for 26 years, Jill Martin, comes to us as an active volunteer in the community who has a passion to help encourage those who need healing to not give up!  She graduated from Huntington College with a BA in mathematics and taught in many different environments. i.e. Math to College students, English and crafts to Ukraine students, and tutored for many years.
She also volunteered for a local pregnancy resource center helping clients with family planning and getting ready for a new child . She is a mom to two wonderful children. One is in school at ACC and the other is at TAMU (Texas A&M). Contact Jill: Jill@crownsofhopetexas.org