Keynote Speaker at Local Gala

key2freespeaking1April 26, 2014 Toni McKinley spoke at the First Annual Key 2 Free Gala in Austin, Texas. The Key 2 Free is a transition home for survivors who have completed a program of healing and are ready to complete education, gain job skills, and being working in the world. The survivor will be able to live in a safe secluded environment as she takes those first steps of learning how to support herself.

At the Gala Toni told parts of her own story of survival as a teen on the streets and why she reacted the way she did when she had interactions with the police. She was able to help others understand why victims don’t speak out right away and why they go back to their traffickers after having an opportunity of safety. This talk at the gala has led to training’s for police who work in the local middle and high schools. For information on having Toni speak to your agency, school, church, or business, fill out out our contact form.